06 August, 2017

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Top 51 computer realated fullform

Top 51 computer realated fullform.

1.LLL=Low level language.
2.HLL=High level language
3.LAN=Local area network
4.PAN=Personal area network
5.WAN=Wide area network
7.CPU=Central processing unit
8.ISP=Internet service provider
9.CPU=Central processing unit
10.GUI=Graphical user interface
11.MBPS=Mega byte per second
12.GBPS=Giga byte per second
13.KBPS=Kilo byte per second
14.RAM=Random access memory
15.ROM=Read only memory
16.ALU=Arithmetical logical unit
17.HTML=Hyper text markup language
18.MAN=Metropolitan area network
19.UPS=Uniterrupted processing system
20.IRM=Information resource   management.
21.MU=Memory unit
22.CD=Compact disk
23.DVD=Digital variastile disk
24.CU= Control unit
25.WWW=World wide web
26.E-mail=Electronic mail
27.URL=Uniform resource locator
28.MAC =Media Access Control
29.MB  = MotherBoard
30.VPN =Virtual Private Network
31.COMPUTER = Common Operating Machine particularly Used For Trade, Education and Research.
32.CDR = Compact Disk Recorder
33.CDRW = Compact Disk ReWriter
34.USB = Universal Serial Bus
35.Atm= Automatic taller machine.
36.DNS= Domain name system
37.PCO=Personal call me office
38.GIF= Graphics interchange format
39.GOOGLE=Global organization of oriented group language of earth.
40.IP= Internet protocol.
41.JPEG= Joint photographic experts group

43.LCD= Liquid crystal display
44.MICR= Magnetic ink character recognition
45.MMS=Multimedia messaging service
46.PDF=Portable document format
47.PC= Personal computer.
48.PNG= Portable network graphics
49.SIM=Subscriber identity module
50.SMS=Sort message service.
51.SEO= Search engine optimization.

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